Why are women so pressed about when they are proposed to for marriage?

It should not matter if you are in love right? Just a random thought


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  • You are right, what matters most is that you are in Love I agree, however, being proposed to is often linked with feeling "commited" "certain" "secure." Us women including myself like to feel secure. We all live up to this dream of prince charming ...some of us find them, some don't. When we do think that "dream" is met we want to make sure we don't wake up and lose out prince. Marriage is a way to ensure that our dream will be ours forever. Love is def. what matters most, but hey if your girl is hell bent on getting a proposals, why don't you look at it this way...she is sooo sure that you are her prince, she doens't want you to wake up from it. I would suggest you to understand her perspective as well. I don't know your reasons for not proposing, but if you love her and you also feel like she is "the one" that will be there for you regardless of where life takes you...than if Love is all that matters, and you say you LOVE her...than she is all that matters because she is LOVE.

    • Lol true ... you have a lot of wisdom

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    • Lol don't rush it enjoy the momet you are in lol

    • Yea yea yea says the guy who just posted this question lol. But, ur right I am going to enjoy it until if and when it happens and if its in our destiny :) gluck and PROPOSE TO HER DUDE if she is the one!!! gluck to u. xoxo

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  • i agree with the above poster, it is probably a security thing. a lot of the time a view of the persons parents or family can lead to a subtle normality being imposed upon them, for example someone with a family composed of many married individuals will see this as a social norm for getting older.

    it's natural to imitate an elder of the family

  • because if they don't get married by 30 they feel like they missed the mark

    • Lol ... sometimes I do believe they have a age defined they need to be married