Does anyone know how to meet Brazilian model looking women on Facebook and not dating sites cuz I hate scams.. I want a relationship with one?

I am going to recieve a call tomorrow from my doctor about my diagnosis on autism if I am autistic anyway I was thinking of receiving disability benefits... my dream woman is a 6 foot 2 brazillian or Latina that likes a guy that's 5'8 and effeminate and wears thongs so how can I find brazillian models to possibly marry cuz obviously I'm not intimidated by tall women!!! Please just answer the question I've been reading about brazillian women and they sound awesome and amazing!!! I Live In The US state of CALIFORNIA!!!


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  • Sorry to break it to you, but Brazilian models date powerful rich men who don't have mental disorders.

    If you continually try to go after women who are clearly out of your league, you're going to be consistently disappointed.

    I'm starting to think you're a troll though


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  • Your first step is to check into a psychiatric institution for very, very, very long-term care...

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