Guys, What inspired you to propose to her?

I love hearing about why a man made the decision to propose and marry his girlfriend. <3

What do you think or know was the major factor in taking that next step for your relationship?


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  • I've dated my fiance' for the last seven years. After a while you know you don't want to leave them and start a family, so traditional dating is sort of pointless.

    • Oh wow. :) when did you know for sure you don't want to leave her? And when did you propose? :)

    • I think after the first year I really knew, but wasn't ready, and I don't think she was either. But it's different for each person. We got engaged earlier this year.

    • Aw <3 congratulations on your engagement!

      What constituted readiness for you? For her?

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  • The gun she had aimed at my head.

    • Oh your not ceb married! :p Do all your answers involve guns and rifles? Lol