What SHOULD I do?

So my boyfriends not coming to my city anymore to go to live in his city he says he wants to get married but we never talk he expects me to call him only. He expects me to call, text and he do nothing not even see me anymore. He says he's working all the time everyday which has me confused. When I do call he never answers, i'm in his city this week and I want to know where we stand in terms of relationship/friendship. what should I do? I'm scared to contact him just in case he's to busy or he blanks me again. What do you think I should do?


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  • If he is not putting in any effort to reach out then he is not serious about you. If a guy really wants you in his life, he will try his best to communicate. Without that, then it is not a healthy relationship since it takes two people who are willing to commit, put in the effort and compromise.

    You need to discuss your future with him. Either you guys work on a long distance relationship or you break it off and move on.

  • think about whether or not you will b happy in that situation. is that how u want to spend the rest of ur ife?
    think about it.