How Much Time You Should Give a Guy to Commit Before You Quit?

to me 1 year if we are adult and financially stable and met each other. 1-4 year if our situation doesn't help. Like if we are still student

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  • 3 years. First you gotta start dating and the beginnings of a relationship where you get to know the basics. Then you gotta live together to see what your partner is really like when they're not around you, to see if you're compatible to live together. And then you commit.

    I think at least 3 years is good. Maybe, just MAYBE, 2, but less than that, no.
    I don't think any man should commit to a woman before they've been together at least 3 years, it's huge ass risk to just say "let's do it" after just a year.

    Girls will never understand.

    • To me you are better than the guy who say he will never get married because he don't trust women these days. Love=Trust. Ok so I'll try to give every guy 2 years. If I met a guy then we lived in different cities for a while should I measure it too?
      I just read article says couples who dated 2 years has less divorce than couple who dated 3 years or more
      It says if you don't feel compatible with her in 2 years then she's not the right person

    • It's not that I don't trust women these days (I don't trust anyone tbh, I have lots of troubles with that), but if things go wrong in a marriage, statistically, I have way more chances of being the one who gets screwed up. It's just some sort of protection to just be sure you don't jump into marriage too quickly.

      I wouldn't count the years you've been apart, I mean, I would count it as part of the relationship, but you can't tell how he will treat you, if he's living in a different city. If you've been in a 2 year LDR, you can't expect him to want to marry you once he moves to your city (or vice versa).
      I kind of agree that if you don't feel compatible in 2 years, they're not right for you, but I think a 3rd year should harm anyone.
      I feel like that article just took into account the people that weren't sure after 2 years so they waited another one, and maybe just got married because it was about time.

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  • Commit to our friendship a marriage or relationship?


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  • Commit to the relationship. 6 months-ish.
    Commit to MARRIAGE. At least 1 year under the same roof living together depending on how quickly the "break-in" period last. If after a year , the "break-in" is still not complete , maybe 1 more year , if it still doesn't work , that's the final chance , 1 more year. If it still doesn't work , then I don't think it's going to work at all.

    • I would like to try this!. Prophet muhmd mentioned that too. Living with someone for 40 days is enough to to tell you everything about that person.

    • I'm not a Muslim but on that point Prophet Muhammad is wise. 40 days is indeed enough to tell you everything about that person.
      However I also believe that people are capable of change to a certain point , don't let the initial difficulties discourage you , give the seed time to break through the hard soil , perhaps there is hope. Tho the wait cannot be indefinitely of course. We are but mortals with a short time on this Earth.

  • Why give it an arbitrary amount of time instead of simply doing it in whatever way feels right?

    • Because there's too many hustle in modern days who are selfish not to realize women is biological clock she could have better but he wasted her time

    • Nothing can feels right or wrong you can know if you compatible together within 1-2 years more than that for no other reasonable reason is just means you are not excited to get next step. Better to find someone else

    • I can see your point.

  • Commit to what?

    • Marriage ! Is there another description

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    • That's a mistake we should realize if you don't feel comfortable with her in first 2 years then she's not the one you are looking for so instead wasting time try to move on to the girl that melt your heart fast

    • I should mention I'm a second generation American. In my family there is an expectation that you should date for long time before getting married. My buddy who waited ten years to propose isn't abnormal in my circles. My little sister has been with her boyfriend for six years. My big cousins was with her current husband for seven/eight years. I will most likely do the same.

  • Marriage? at least 3 years minimum


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