Thinking of marriage. How do I help him feel less nervous?

so it has finally come. my boyfriend of 3 years is going to talk to my parents and ask for my hand. how do I help him feel less nervous. Also, should I drop hints to my parents or let it be. Hopefully someone has any advise. I am nervous for him!


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  • You dad will say, "Yes! He can have the one that lives in my wallet!!"

    • Just go for it. After 3 years, your parents should be so pleased! I wish you both well!

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    • You got a good one then! Don't knock it! LOL!

  • It's not like your parents can stop u from marrying him can they?

    • well it's a respect thing. I would really like to have their blessing.

    • As long as they see that u are both happy it will be easy to get their blessings or are they difficult to please?

    • well they are kind of confusing. and one point I think they are for it and then they throw a curve ball. on the other hand I sometimes think they are against and then they do something to make me think they are for. it's so confusing. I don't think they are difficult just a little strict and traditional.

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  • Let him make the move but also be there with him when he asks so that they can see how committed you two are. You will know when to speak and give your reasons why you two believe and know own that you two want a life long commitment. Show him that no matter what you are always with him.

    • I would be super nervious. I don't know if I cold do it with him. I told him I don't want to know when he asks. because I want it to be a surprise.

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    • @lerzygirl it is more effective if both of you are there in person. If your not ready to ask now together then you will have to wait. If you both feel confident that they will say yes either way then this shouldn't have to be a question. You do it, not waste time. Because in the end this is your choice.

    • your right. next hurdle is actually finding a time where both of my parents are not busy...

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