Marriage any Savin money suggestion?

so I am hopefully getting married soon. we have been planning it all out and trying to budget. I have been using pinterest and found my dress online for only 150. anyways anyone have any suggestions for saving money?


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  • Best way to save money is to have a very small guest list... if any... b creative and find things u can do urself instead of things u have to buy... if a big fancy wedding is important to u, then just save up for it.. it's not about the wedding, it's about the marriage:)


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  • hey! have your flowers done through a grocery store floral department, have a friend play your playlist and make announcements in lieu of a DJ. DO pay for a professional photographer, buy his suit and have him go more casual - men's warehouse screws everything up.


    • my mom owns 10 acres which 5 of it they have turned into a wedding venue, we also grow flowers, my sisters a professional photographer and my younger sister is the dj. and we were planning to go a little casual. it looks like I got that much covered.

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    • cake through grocery! :)

    • yeah there is no point to getting a professional cake.