What's With Him??

I just found out that the guy whose been HEAVY flirting from afar with me at my gym for the last 3 months is on the verge of getting engaged! This guy displays all the signs of having a crush on me -- he even started all the flirting that's been going back & forth between us! I am considered a knock-out by others, and he is easily the best looking guy in the gym. He tells his close friends who tell me he's got pretty cold feet about marriage and isn't sure if he's ready (he's 26). I got the feeling we'd have already gotten somewhere by now if it weren't for the fact he's got this girlfriend and he's thinking of getting hitched with her! Seems to me he's got some wild oats to sow! What would cause a guy to become infatuated with another girl - yet not approach the other girl (no, I am NOT approaching him first! I've been playing hard to get with him & it has definitely created a stronger interest on his part. At the same time, he can see me checking him out & smiling at him from afar so he knows I'm also interested). Now, it seems he's having to face reality! Maybe this was some fantasy on his part that took a wrong turn? Guys? What are my chances of getting a night or two from a guy already in a committed relationship?? Also, sometimes, he looks as if he is dowright MAD at me about something! What is WITH this guy???


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  • If you just want a night or two and no committement then go for it and don't play hard to get. Remember whatever happens you will have to see him at the gym unless you change your schedule. Otherwise stay away from the loser. He has committement issues otherwise he would be engaged!

    The poor girl and you if you've fallen for him seems he is still acting like a guy in high school and one that's always looking at the door to see who the next beautiful girl is he can pick up cause he is always looking for something better! He'll probably end up very alone or getting divorced a few times.