Should I tell my friend about his girlfriend and my brother?

Should I tell my friend about his girlfriend and my brother? I came home to see my brother (earlier today) and seeing where he was at I went to his room to see if he was asleep and walked in on him and my best friend (been knowing since I was 2 years old) girl friend having sex. My mouth dropped now I am stuck in between a rock they begged me not to tell Franklin (my best friend) what was going on the past 8 months, 8 MONTHS this been going on, my brother also said if I was a real brother then I wouldn't tell Franklin and his girl friend begged me to the point where she had tears, telling me not to tell my best friend. Its just not right and I would feel wrong if I ratted on my brother cause we are real close brothers and I love him to death but I love Franklin just as much like a brother but I am caught in between a rock like I said and I need to know what to do. Should I tell my best friend or keep it from him and don't rat my brother and my best friends girlfriend out. Thank you guys P. s My best friend and his girlfriend are getting married in 3 weeks this is crazy.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • He should know. Being someone who would want to know, I vote tell.

    A good brother wouldn't ask you to potentially ruin your lifelong friendship. And he shouldn't get married to someone only to find out eventually.
    It's not a once off slip before marriage, or cold feet. This is a long term affair, aka it's not going to end.

    You should tell Franklin, and be there for him. But try and have some proof (perhaps try and catch them in the act again with a camera) I don't know. But make sure he'll take you seriously.

    His feelings are the only ones who should be thought about here. He's the innocent, and your lifelong friend. Your brother is risking your friendship, he didn't think of you in his actions. She didn't think of her fiancee's actions.


Most Helpful Guy

  • if your brother was a real brother he wouldn't put you in this position. just because you're related doesn't mean shit.

    • So yes then?

    • yes of course tell him and ditch your brother before he fucks your girlfriend.

What Girls Said 3

  • They're getting married! What sort of friend would you be if you didn't.
    As for your brother he's family, he won't stay mad forever

  • Wow. That sucks.

    I would say do what you would want done to you. If you were in your best friend's position would you want to be told?

    Personally, I would tell my best friend's girlfriend that she needs to tell my friend in the next 24 hours or I will.

    See, I would want to know. And if it was kept quiet and then later came out that my best friend knew and did not tell me... that person would no longer be my friend ever again.

  • If they're getting married!!! You have to tell him. Don't let them pull you into this lie. That's wrong man, so wrong. She needs to choose.


What Guys Said 1

  • id say no

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