Why is gay marriage accepted socially but marriage to family members looked down on?

Think about it. Both are defects (something going away from the norm). Children are not possible in both types of marriage.
If liberals are so accepting of gay marriage because it's "true love," then why do they look down upon marriage between family members if that's "true love?"


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  • Kids can have health issues if procreating between family members. Gay marriage only adopts or "rents" a belly

    • actually it only has a problem if the incest continues for genrations. Many children product of same sex fmailies have gotten married and had kids without any notion that they were related until they started looking for their biological dad or mom

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    • I hope not, as I said, health issues can be present sooner or later. gay marriage is something completely different :)

    • no its not different. children out of same sex relations have been already procreating with eachother, they just didn't knwo they where related. No different. Both are praticed in the animal kingdom , have always been practiced. I think both are unnatural but can support one thing and not the other

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  • They are already pushing for Incestual or GSA marriage to be legal. It will be most likely. You can't say love is love but say only gay love is acceptable. ITs whatever.


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  • Because the sorts of people that crush on family members are not the sort of people who turn out to be respectable members of society. The sort of people who are gay often turn out to be respectable members of society.

    • So success is determined by how respectable someone is? And how do you know that there are not some people who are just not telling anyone that they are in love with their family members because it is frowned upon by society? Just like gays didn't tell anyone they were gays 100 years ago because it was frowned upon by society.

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    • That's what your ancestors said about two men 100 years ago when they were basically condemning Alan Turing and slavery 300 years ago when they were murdering blacks.

    • That's just my opinion.

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  • Gay marriage is a lot different than that.

    • How? In both cases it's "true love." And isn't that what liberals are for, two people finding their true love?

    • Falling in love with your bother or sister is a lot different than falling in love with someone of the same gender, I'm sorry but it is. It's just weird for siblings or family members to marry and stuff.

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