Am I handling this wrong?

I got married in march. My husband was sober and has been doing good. Now he is smoking K2. I keep taking it away but he still is bringing it home. I told him how i feel about that stuff but he won't listen. I have asked his mom for help she hase no advice. Any advice would be helpful.


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  • With this I have some experience. He's like an addict. Make him choose between his K2 shit addiction and you. If he won't give it up move away without looking back. It will hurt for a while but the life you find away from him will be so much better than the hell he will put you (and any children) through for years to come.

    • I have been thinking about doing this. i honestly love him and dont want to buy i also dont want to go through all this shit. ugh i hate this.

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  • give it sometime , don't take it away , just explain to him its bothering me and our relationship / marriage. if he really loves you and cares for you he will stop but its going to take time , or just tell him to not to do it in front of me.
    its a habit


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  • You are young. Give him a choice. Smoking or you...

  • when you married him, you married him for him, and whatever he does

    • Well, true except she doesn't have to accept addiction, affairs or abuse.

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    • no, you just can't handle the truth

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  • When you said your husband was "sober" you lead me to believe he's in recovery or did drug/drinking a lot prior then left it alone. Is that the case? Just asking before I respond.

    • yes that is the situation

    • I didn't know much about K2 until your post so I did a little research on it. Well since he was in recovery and is no longer sober I think telling him how you feel and literally having to take it from him, you have a problem on your hands.

      Does he have a sponsor you can reach out to? I'm surprised his mom can't give you a little advice... so you may have to be a bit aggressive. I'm very sorry.

    • thanks. i have taken it then he just gos to get more