<3 Share the BEST love story you ever heard <3 ?

It could be how your parents met, how you fell in love, or a friend's story that is worth sharing!


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  • My parents story.

    My father saw fell in love with my mother the moment he saw her, and said to himself that someday he was gonna marry that girl. Then he didn't see her again for like a year or two I think it was. And one night he was cruising with his best friend getting girls numbers he had like 3-4 numbers and they came across a car wreck i think it was of him or his buddies friend but my mother and her friend were also there I guess my dads friend was also her friend or her friends friend or something.

    But he went up to her car to chat her up, not knowing who she was but when he bent over to see who was in the car he automatically recognized her and knew at that moment again that he was gonna marry her, though my mother at the time didn't feel the same way lol. But he got her number and when my father got home that night, first thing he did was go to the trash and now every other girls number he had got in the trash and kept only my mothers number.

    He called her set up a date and after that first date with him my mother fell in love with him and felt the same way my dad did, and the rest is history, they dated got married and they've been happily married for over 25+ years. They've been through hell and back things that probably would have broken other couples and they've been stronger for it.


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  • Girl and guy get married at 18.
    They have the best time ever and go everywhere together.
    They have kids and live a full life.
    When the guy turns 48, he leaves his wife for a 20 year old blonde.
    She gets his Mercedes and villa, but he gets tight pussy.

    Doesn't get more romantic them that!


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  • My parents
    My mom went to an event where my dad was singing in his mariachi group and he saw her dancing. He thought she was beautiful so he brought her on stage and after that they were always together. They loved each other so much!

  • This is more dramatic than romantic. But my Mother's step Grandparents were extremely in love, and when the Husband passed away, the Wife was so sad that she died of Sadness 2 weeks after him.

  • Boy meets girl
    Boy gives girl garlic bread
    Girl cries tears of joy
    Boy is happy
    Girl shares garlic bread with Boy
    Boy cries tears of joy
    The end.

  • My boyfriend and I met here on gag.
    Lmfaooo that's as romantic as it gets, OP.