Can my boyfriend wear the same color as me at a wedding?

My dad is getting married in October and I'm one of the bridesmaids, the color of everything is purple. The wedding isn't super formal, it's an outdoor wedding with hay bales and cowboy boots and such. Would it be weird if my boyfriend wore a purple short sleeved button down? It's not really a fancy button down, it reminds me of something a skater would buy at a vans store lol. I've never been to a wedding so I'm not sure what's acceptable.


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  • You two can match to a point right? He's not wearing purple Wranglers or anything like that is he? Cause' he'll come off looking the Joker from the Batman cartoons or something. Yeah it's fine.


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  • That's what he's supposed to do. He's supposed to match you.


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  • You two make the rules at your own wedding. Do whatever you want.

  • what kind of question is this 😂😂✋🏼

    • The kind of question from a girl who's never been to a wedding and doesn't know wedding etiquette? o. o

    • I never been to an American Kind of wedding

  • Fucking redneck filth.

    • Lol while I DESPISE country and cowboy boots and all that weird crap, don't you think that's taking it a little far?;p

    • Not far enough...

    • My dad probably hates that that's how his fiancée wants the wedding. He's very much a rock listening biker. I fought hard to not wear cowboy boots under my bridesmaid dress

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