Texas Marriage Laws and Transgender?

I'm just curious how this will play out.
my sister is about to get married but I don't think her or her fiance have a marriage license and well...
She recently was accepted to start taking testostorone or some shit to be a guy, and ya know.
Cuddos to her/him, she has tried for years, but I'm seriously worried that here in Texas the courts might refuse them rights to marry or some shit.
I'm scared to ask her and freak her out if she hasn't thought about it, so I'm asking here...
I mean. They were engaged before the treatment starts and I'm thinking if Texas is a state that does not believe in transitions and stuff They should accept it as "one man one woman" but I know that our government fucked over and banned gay marriage right after it was legalized...
So its really a loss to me and nothing on the internet is really helping me out.


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  • Even if they don't believe in transgender, they can't do anything to stop it. Both heterosexual (obviously) and homosexual marriages are legal in the entire country. That has been in effect for about a year and half now.

    • Oh thats good. I was hoping that lol.
      I just don't wanna see my sis cry or in pain or have her dreams ripped away fromher again after working so hard toget her back.

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