Seriously, I've become invisible, no intimacy, no sex.....Why?

Engaged 4 years, I think I am good looking, smart, independent, dress nice, work hard, work my ass off outdoors and have an excellent job. Its like that song, we don't dance, we don't hold hands, sex went from 5 times a week to once every 2 weeks, and most of the time it's "will you suck my d***." Real tired of being on the back burner. It's slowly gotten worse over the last year. He has a profile job and I wonder if he gets more satisfaction out of the attention he gets from that?


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  • Well, sounds like he is definitely getting satisfaction from another source and not you. Some men get so much satisfaction out of their careers that really, their women never quite do it for them.


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  • I really don't want to offend, but are you seriously 50 years old? If it is true, how old is your husband?

    Problem may be simply in age: man gets kinda old for this stuff.

    • Seriously Eugene I look like I am 40 and yeah, I better still be doin it when I'm 80!!!! Not married, engaged

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