My husband always stares at me when im on my phone?

When i text he just watches and i know he doesn't like me kn my phone buy its like all the time. if im around him he really doesn't want me on it at all but he never wants to be separate and its weird if i just leave the room to text or to just get some kind of space. we talked about it several times but I don't know what to do its really annoying constantly being in someones face 24/7 and when i explain that i need space he feels offended.


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  • Seems like he doesn't trust you, and he is lacking self confidence, and both of these feed off of eachother. It's very bad for a relationship to be lacking trust and confidence. You guys really need to work this kind of stuff out or it will lead to a very difficult marriage.

    • We talked about it plenty of times before but it's annoying to be constantly suffocated and he acts all sad if i go out with my friends like im 21 he just turned 30 I keep telling him being married was a mistake and maybe im not ready to drop everything for this like I didn't know bring married i couldnt go out and we can't even be in separate rooms

    • Thing always go much deeper. y'all probably need a marriage counselor already lol. There's things both of you can do better to fix your problem. Nobody wants to admit they are wrong, but both of you are doing things wrong right now. I'm not a counselor, I was married and got divorced though. There's a ton of learning you need to do and if he doesn't want to learn with you or you don't wanna learn with him, its not going to work out.

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  • he might be thinking there's something fishy going on when you leave the room to use your phone

    • I dont leave the room im saying it would be weird to leave the room to get on my phone but he always stares at me if im on my phone around him and we are always around each other

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  • I guess thats a woman thing. A man wants his woman undivided attention when he's around his woman. That seem sneaky anyway going to another room to text unless you have a guy on the side.

  • he's insecure. he thinks you're going to leave him. how often do you guys go on dates, or, have sex

    • He have sex all the time we always have date nights i really dont go out with friends that often

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