Our families dont get along?

My husband and my family do not get along. Long story short.. i was raised very modestly as a woman and with morals and respect. His sisters.. not so much. he's legit the only good one lol just explaining here. His sisters even called my mom a b---- to her face! MY mom! AT my wedding!!

Basically.. there is a family that put my parents through hell, and my in laws are very close to this certain family. So my mother in law gossips shit about my mom to them always.

now at get togethers its super awkward. Because my poor mom sits all sad and I can't help but feel like complete shit. My in laws are quite childish. I've told husband all this but there isn't much he can do really.

i feel guilty even going over to my in laws place because of how they treat my parents.


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  • Stop spending time with them


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