Girls, guys, what outfit would you wear if you had been invited to a wedding ceremony and evening party today?

Question inspired by a program on marriage on TV this morning in Belgium.
Let's assume you're a good friend of the couple but not a close family member and not either a brides maid, bestman or involved in the medding. You've been invited and want to dress "appropriately".

You could describe the outfit or post a pic from the web, as you wish :D
I'm not a very fashionable person, so it would just be my best suit and tie...


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  • Smart formal... With a vest but no suit.

    • Yeah my impression is indeed that people evolve to casual outfits even for formal occasions.

    • Ya, but i'll never give up a chance to dress well and look well... Plus the situation demands it.

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  • Something semi formal.

    • Yeah you sea that more and more people move away from the suits or the glitter dresses to some less formal alternatives :D

    • That shit is too expensive. :P

    • Oh yeah, those fashion companies are selling the brand name for the same amount as the product 8)
      Stay with the style you proposed, it will make you happier :D

  • I'm actually going to my friend's wedding this Saturday, I'm planning to wear some brown slacks and a silky purple short sleeved shirt. Brown boots for the shoes.

  • Nice suit. ... And a pair of heels with a stylish updo. ...

    • Is a suit a common outfit for a lady to wear on such occasions?
      I have occasionally seen ladies in suits but don't have a clue it would be worn to a wedding.
      Would rather expect a lady CEO to wear one...

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    • I see, interesting :D

    • Im glad you think so. ..😊

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