Why is marriage so obviously favored for women so much, that they go crazy after it and putting men at great risks & devastating disadvantages?

If you are someone, who doesn't like having their "all fine and dandy" glasses of illusions taken away for just a moment...
If you are so hardcore loving marriages or are so hardcore looking forward to get married...
If you live in a fantasy world and cannot grasp on reality even for just a bit...

... then please move on to the next question NOW!


The way I see it, marriage chains 2 people together until death parts them.

Women go so super crazy after marriage and getting married.

Men are more like bewaring of it and avoiding it like the plague.

The woman gets an ridiculously overpriced wedding ceremony, that lasts for a day or 2 with a wedding ring. She gets all the attention and the wedding is usually called "HER" day, not "THEIR" day. (Yes, it's a big ass difference!)

The man can enjoy having his banks balance dropped so intense for that wedding alone, that he finds himself in thousands of $ in debt. That is up-most disturbing when finances are "mainly the man's thing".

The wife can simply cease all sexual activities right after the marriage and the only way the husband could ever get sex is either by obeying her and do all her bidding (and even then she can still say "and I will consider it"), porn or cheating. She can also start living unhealthy and gain weight at last. If she had a bad day, then she can unleash all her frustrations on her husband, who comes home from work all tired and wanting to do nothing but being at peace for just 15 minutes.

If the husband gets divorced for whatever reason, then the wife can take 50% of his assets, keep the property, gain child custody, gain entitlement money AKA alimony and she is automatically declared innocent while the husband is automatically the evildoer because genitals.

Read the update, not all text is fitting in.

Why is marriage so obviously favored for women so much, that they go crazy after it and putting men at great risks & devastating disadvantages?

Marriages do NOT fix relationships. Relationships are natural and they establish and break and no piece of paper are the cause of it, let alone by force (marriage). Marriage does not mean, that you are going to be together forever with 100% guarantee - the separation of it is called divorce or widowing.

Yes, that's a MGTOW topic but it's still true.


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  • You're getting it wrong... The question is not why woman go crazy and out men at great risk and all.
    Marriage is not about all of that,
    FIRST: marriage should be wanted from both sides (my best friend never wants to get married and I understand him but He got a girl that from the start said She wanted to get married and it's important to Her. For me this is FUCKED UP (!) and I already now there will be drama about it. Things like this should be discussed from the start cause there's no sense of two people getting together if one of them don't want what the other want.)

    2. Marriage is about to people that are in love with each other, become best friends and the 2 of them get to a conclusion that THEY WANT that person for them for rest of their lives and want to love them, CARE FOR EACH OTHER and be best friends with her/him aaand let the world know You are mine I am Yours.

    3. Marriage is not all flowers and candy, it's hard work the other person becomes Your responsibility ( FROM BOTH SIDES!)

    After a time the love will drop and the 2 have to work HARD to make the love flow in the air, that means doing sweet things to the other one so they know You love them, looking good for the other one, watching for the other one.

    You gonna argue and fight and You have to know there's no walking away, You need to both work it out and You should want to cause You love the other one and You don't give up on Your loved ones ( both sides).

    You now will have 2 points of view now and You can't forget that cause it's not about You anymore is about US.

    IF a man pays for the wedding it should be because HE WANTS TO. If not ( and that's another way a guy can figure if the girl is really what he wants) they should split cause marriage is about to people working together NOT ONE.

    About sex, sex HAS TO be in the relationship and it's not something that any of them should use as a treat for the other or a payment. You love each other You want to give pleasure to the other one. + they're are laws for that too. ^^

    For me too many people don't know what marriage means but still want it cause they mistake it for something You can buy in a store and than give it back if You don't like/want it anymore.

    PS. I'm a person who NEVER wants to get married soo no hate!

    Soo the question should be: Why do people give up on their best friends for life and why people can't be trusted this days aaand why people think it's better to walk away form a marriage than to work on it?

    • Good points, I agree.

      It still pushes the husbands at the edge of devastation, which is in control by the wife. The marriage laws are rigged like that.
      I mean think of it this way: I trust you to give you a handgun, so you do not shoot me the moment you lose your temper but use it for your own protection. Many of those, who have been given said handgun abuse it's powers to extract resources from the one, who GAVE them the handgun, the wedding ceremony etc.

      In times like these, people make a living by backstabbing each another and trust is something, that cannot grow under these circumstances.

      So marriage is not justice and not a way to show commitment. The way I see it, it's an ultimatum to rob someone and use love as manipulation, sex as a weapon and children (if any) as hostages.

      Marriage - for me - is legal terrorism on it's own people.

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    • I see.
      Well, in any case, you're right. Many people simply lack common sense, consideration and knowledge. I'm thinking, that the vast majority of people are deluded, "hipocrites" and lack hearts.

    • hahahaha :D that's one way to put things... aaand I agree with You

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  • Marriage is a legal and binding contract very easy to enter into. It takes a lawyer, a judge, a courthouse, sometimes years and a LOT of money to get out of. It will most likely ruin your credit rating which will take around 7 years to repair if you really, really work at it. You may end up deeper in debt. And all for signing your name on that little marriage license.

    I did it two times. Both times it left me financially devistated. The second time I had to live in the woods in my jeep for a couple weeks as I had no place to go. I lost my home, most of my belongings and all my money as betwen the cost of the divorce and the final court decision on who got what I had to start over again with less than nothing. Have a payment agreement that stretches over 60 months to pay off a "dead horse" where I got absolutely nothing over this $7,400 debt. 29 monthly payments left and it is paid off.

    Will I marry again? Honorable madame or sir, are you out of your fucking mind?

    • That's what I'm saying and afraid of!

      Fear - a natural response, characterized by proximity dangers to YOU. We should not ignore it's heeding.

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  • Marriage is something that most girls dream about for the majority of their life. (not like some weird, I have a scrapbook and picked out my wedding dress at 3 type stuff) I would think as a whole most men only think about this seriously after they find a girl they really like.
    The main reason behind the bride being the center of attention is just due to past traditions of marriage ceremonies that have been passed down from generation to generation from many cultures. I think in today's society it is still felt like the norm for the woman to have "her day". I mean she has been thinking about it for the majority of her life.

    I think the way your are describing the money being used for the wedding etc is you tied to a chair with your mouth tapped and she running around with your credit card. I feel like if this is what is happening you are both not on the same page and that is not her fault alone. Your budget and financial situation should have been discussed, together before even getting engaged. Most families still pay for the ceremony and reception or at least help out.

    Your view on sex in marriage is all quite alarming. Women don't always want to have sex not do we have to; we don't have the same drive as men. Of course we enjoy it but sometimes we just want are husbands to snuggle us and tell usnwe are pretty. I think one of the things men forget when they get married is to spice it up and then we don't want to have sex anymore because she can literally put a slide show together detailing exactly what's going to happen, how long and also mimic the exact noise they make right before they... men's brains are wired to want to have sex and you don't need a lot of extra fluff to be prepared. Women's brains are wired to want babies. (There are exceptions to this) Therefore, when a woman has a baby her brain tells her body (the process in her body that allow for hormones etc), eh, we don't really need that anymore. Understand that women's sex drive is based on hormones in her body. Can you really be upset at woman for, in men's terms, "not getting it up" due to something she can't control.

    • I also think your opinion on women gaining weight after marriage is very one sided. Yea I am going to gain weight. I'm getting old and metabolism is slowing down. Slap a baby or two on to that and shit just got twice as hard... it was already hard enough to keep the weight off because women's bodies were built to have... again... babies! Our bodies are constantly trying to store fat after we hit puberty in preparation for if. And this is the reason this statement just irks me... you don't see women saying "well how dare he start to lose hair, how dare his man bits start to sag a little" why? Because your both gonna get fat and old and ugly together anyways.

      ... when you get married it's not longer your assets it's y'all assets and if you can't stand the thought then don't get married. I agree women should receive the house and the alimony if she has custody of the kids. I mean she's the mother of your children and you should have their best interest in mind.

    • Bottom line is the women you are describeing seems like a complete psychopthic nut case and a man should have figured it out long before he decided to put a ring on it.

  • Marriage needs to be about two people trying to improve each other and learning about each other so that they can help each other improve...

  • I don't know why girls go so crazy for marriage. Me? I'm like, marriage is a bunch of shit. Girls who go crazy for marriage and love are the ones who grew up with a Barbie shoved up their ass.

    • Whoah, careful there! I wouldn't insult the married members/marriage fans of the group. That's not an honorable thing to do.

    • It's the truth lol. Love and marriage is a fairytale to some of the women in the world. And when it falls apart, as you so truthfully stated, they blame their ex-husband when he possibly isn't to blame for. It's a bunch of crap.

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  • True it's all about them... the good thing is that there is a thing called a "prenup" to protect the guys from losing everything.

  • Prenup
    Sliptskees for the wedding

    Don't let her dupe you. Women there days huh

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