Why does my boyfriend constantly break up with me?

We have been living together for over a year and a half and when we are out in public he is awesome, everyone thinks we are the perfect couple. But, the second we get in the car, he starts to complain about something dumb, like if I asked a "dumb" question, answered a question of his sarcastically (even if I was joking, and after over a year he knows this) or if for example I wanted to stay longer then him (and it can be anywhere, dinner, movies, theme park, a walk- literally anyplace!). The only time I do not get yelled at is if I leave right when he wants to and if he says lets do this, and I agree. He has openly admitted to having "anger issues" but then later on, he will say he never said that and yell at me for saying it! Its like I have to walk on egg shells around him. And at the end of EVERY argument, its "you need to move out," or "I am glad I didn't propose like I planned on," its sad to say, but I have heard it so many times its getting old. Originally, I would cry and pack my bags but by the time he saw me packing he would say how he did not mean anything and how much he loves me and calls me his wife and stuff. We even bought a relationship book, which he picked out and now he is refusing to read it..."I am nagging him" but he has had the book two months and has not even read a chapter, and I do admit when I nag and I did not nag him about this so he would read it, I have asked him twice in two months if he has read it. I love him but its so annoying and, I want him to stop anyway, I want to feel like he loves me and wants to be with me. How do we get together and stay together? Arguing is fine, but breaking up is very immature (we are both in our mid-twenties). Help!


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  • do you reallly think this relationship has a future ? I don't really think it does to be totally honest

  • You guys need professional counseling. :\


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