What should I do? When she misunderstands me!!!

My friend , I loved her all the way but I never told anything. Because I had my own concepts that love needn't to be told, love needn't any assertion. If I have love for someone , I will have weather I have told or not. It is to feel.

And really I never wanted anything except of making her happy anyhow, sometimes by my stupid casualties, sometimes by my stupid jokes and casual gifts.

and I was too confident that I have nothing inside likely to propose her ever. I wanted nothing from her although she was very caring and she took care of me always. It was a relation of innocent affection which I can't name.

And one day I did something which causes too much pain in my heart yet.

On her birthday once again I thought to make her happy by giving her a special gift. I decide to give her a diamond ring. And firmly I was not thinking that it will be a proposal to her or anything.

Undoubtedly that ring was only to make her happy, a special gift which would be a reminder of our relationship even when we will be departed or when we will be out of touch.

But she took that ring as a proposal from a boy to a girl. And she refused my ring and told me she was hurt too much.

And she stopped talking to me

and it is killing me inside.

What was my fault?

loving someone is a guilt perhaps . Isn't it?

any suggestion?


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  • Sounds like a real good time to move on


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  • Did she explain why she was upset.

    Did she listen to you at all, as you explained yourself.

    If she is ont even willing to listen, there is not much you an do about t, it is rathe cruel of her to be so flippant about it.

    You did nothing wrong, however I am not sure what culture you are from, I know in North America, a diamond ring is an engagement ring, tho if you say it is a gift I do not see why she insists it is something to be upset over.

    I am sorry she will not talk to you, but no, you have done nothing wrong as far as I can see... Save the ring for someone who deserves & wants your love*


    • Thankyou toulouse!

      now the condition is like...if I call her she picks up my call and talks with me ...but an insipid talk ....

      before tht day she used to call me on phone and dates and daily sms etc ..but now no calls no sms nothing ....still she doesn't deny to recieve my call...

      she says she was my frnd only and I consent it too. I don't expect her to love me ... but I love her and if I gave her a ring ... nd I told her it is nothing like a proposal or like engagement ring.bt she dnt care now

    • Hmm, ok. Imagine she agreed to be friends. You guys took a break for a few weeks & then she said ok, lets be friends..

      Would you truly be ok with that right now?

      I think you should take some time or yourself & really make sure you can trust yourself with that, &then you can feel truly that when you tell her you want to be friends, you will know that he has no reason to be suspicious.

      Have you seriously talked to her about WHY she won't believe you?

      I mean it is a bit it strange she won't

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