What do you think of the day after I was proposed to my fiancé says if he can't get a job in the town where I live then we won't get married? ?

Then he continues to ask why I'm not excited or planning a date. I accepted a proposal and ring that may or may not turn into a marriage because of his job. I can't understand why he proposed to me right now knowing the issue. I feel some kind of way right now.


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  • Marriage is a big commitment and you perhaps know that well! From what I understand about men! There is no point for him to get married if he believes that he might have to be in a distance relation with a wife! The information you have provided is too less to for me actually state something. Can you write something more about yourself?


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  • Honsetly, it sounds like a cop out like he wasn't ready to propose to you to begin with. It's a way for him to change his mind on marrying you and have an excuse rather than telling you he isn't married.

    Have you pestered him about marriage or getting engaged before this? Has he ever shown any hesitation to get married?

    • Actually he is the one all into the marriage idea. I have never said marriage to him once.

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    • Thats true, but why propose before the job?

    • Maybe he just didn't think about it.

  • He seems to be contradicting himself a lot there... So he's like, "I'm not going to marry you if I can't find a job here but, why aren't you excited about getting married?". I would just tell him straight up, "How am I meant to plan a date when you just said that you won't even marry me if you can't find a job here?". Your husband-to-be needs to check himself lol.

    • I responded with that exact question and then he actually changed it and said we will no matter what. I'm now considering changing my mind.

    • Yeah, might need to talk it out a bit more. Maybe get him to focus on getting a job first and then think about marriage planning after that. All the best!

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