Catholic Arranged Marriage Sites?

My best friend wants to get married, but can't find anyone who is as devout of a Catholic as she is, and has even found Christian dating sites to be misleading (for example, one guy apparently said in his profile that he is a practicing Catholic, but, in reality, he only goes on Christmas). She's been interested in the idea of an arranged, consensual marriage for quite some time and has recently recruited me to help her look for an agency. Unfortunately, the only sites we can find are race/ethnicity-specific. She's white and we haven't been able to find anything for her. I found girsaskguys. com through crosswalk. com and saw a few people talking about arranged marriages, including JustLoveLife. I'd message her, but I need more xper. Does anyone know of a marriage agency in NJ or anywhere in the states that would be able to help (unless there's someone who'd be willing to message JustLoveLife for me)? Thanks!

Also, I feel that I should ask that no one post unhelpful comments (i. e. slurs and judgement).


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  • Try Catholicmatch. :)

  • Google Catholic dating. There ya go.

    • As stated above... she's not looking for a dating site.

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    • Yes, she does. If you're about to say something about how the church doesn't condone arranged marriages because it's a sacrament, know that it only doesn't condone FORCED arranged marriages. And yes we've been googling around with every keyword, but I know that there's only so much that can be done through google, and I don't think we'll find anything. I told her she should go to her priest, because it doesn't really seem like a thing we can find for her online.

    • Actually, I was more genuinely curious being Catholic myself. But, it will be weird for Catholic guys who don't have an advocate. But I get some of where she's coming from, the dating world sucks a** with all the drama, games, and crap. And a devout Catholic seems like a safer, wholesome way to go. Or is it that guys just don't go to Church anymore? You could brute force it and just start mass emailing/contacting Catholic churches and asking. My guess is, you're essentially going to be dating these guys for her, and they are GOING to want to see at least pictures of her, and they are going to want to know a LOT about her. And the idea of no contact whatsoever prior to entering a legally binding agreement is a LOOONG shot. They are going to want to know if she's a good person, trustworthy.

      Funny you mention this, I have had catholic affiliates ask me straight up if I'm married or looking for a wife. That's why through a church is probably best option.

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  • What about meeting someone through her place of worship? Her religious leader must know people surely?

    • I hope she does ask him. I looked at what the parish offers and told her that they have a singles night, so I hope she checks that out. Thank you.

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