Are all women like this?

My wife was like this (x100). My friends wives, people I've met, stories I've heard, even youtuber relationships! lol. All I ever hear is exactly what this woman is saying in this article. The only person I know who is NOT like this is my mother. So I know it's not ALL women, but damn, it's really disheartening to think that it's actually a very large majority of women. I really hope it isn't.

Also, does anyone think that if your wife is like this, that she would actually take notice of it? Or would she do like every human being, male or female, does in any relationship? Refuse to admit any wrongdoing whatsoever?

If no women respond I have to assume they either A. Read it, knew it was them and didn't want to say anything. B. won't read it because self confirmation bias/cognitive dissonance won't allow them to read something they know might tell the truth about themselves they dont want to be forced to admit its true.


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  • Hahah... fuck no.
    Tbh, it's BOTH of their fault. It's her fault for being a petty bitch... but, it's ALSO HIS fault, for not setting her straight.

    From what I've seen with my friends -- When a woman gets like this, it's because she WANTS her man to PUT HIS DAMN FOOT DOWN. At the very least subconsciously... and sometimes even explicitly. She wants her man to act more like the MAN of the house.
    Basically, it's a test.
    He should shut that shit down with one glaring look -- the same way you'd look at an 8-year-old who's having a temper tantrum in the middle of a funeral, or something -- and then... uh... *take care* of it, later, in the bedroom. #fuckyeah
    The time for "discussion" would be AFTER the hate-fucking. There tends to be a surprising degree of intimacy and openness between a couple when they're lying draped around each other's exhausted sweaty bodies. <3 <3

    This needs to happen reasonably early in the relationship, though. As they say, shit doesn't flow back uphill... If he fails enough of these tests, he'll *irreversibly* lose her respect.

    I mean... I can even *feel* the same things happening inside ME when I act more bitchy than usual with MY man.
    The difference is that he actually *enjoys* a certain amount of conflict -- as a form of foreplay, pretty much -- and he ALWAYS knows how to put the lid on it when I'm honestly acting out of line, to the great benefit of us BOTH.

    Last but not least, BOTH of us have the following policy, toward life in general: "If you're gna dictate how you want something done... okay, YOU do it."
    This ^^
    This is how you live life, kids.
    The husband in the article should have just folded his arms, looked at her like she's a petulant little teenage girl, and told her she can buy her *own* damn groceries from now on, if she's going to be so painfully specific about it.

    • I like how you put it, thanks! I did do this with my ex but I suppose it was too late. I put my foot down and all she would do was go insane lol. I thought love was doing everything for her but that's just not how it works. Do you think most women are going to be like this? Or is it going to be just a small group where you're going to have to learn to "put the foot down?" And now I'm wondering.. when the hell does it even start? lol, how can I identify the first time she does it because I imagine the first time it's something small I wouldn't think twice about!

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    • You're so god damn smart. Is it life experience or do you have a natural affinity for this stuff? Lol. Ok let me get back to this later i might bug you some more lol =D

    • Lots of life experience, I suppose. Also, *incredibly* intense personal needs... to the point where I need a healthy dose of self-awareness to have any chance of keeping those needs fulfilled.
      Think of... a slightly more "mature" version of what's described here:
      (that's some posts of mine, that another user compiled into a mytake)

      I'm also super social, and a keen, no-bullshit observer of people and their relationships.

      In any case... Thank you for the kind words. <3
      I'm curious about who you are... mr. anon. If you want to pm me.

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  • That sounds about right, my ex would do the same thing with me, but god forbid I ever said anything about something that she did wrong. I'm never letting that happen again with my future relationships. No more putting up with stupid bs like that. I think there's only been one time that she realized she was being super bitchy for no reason at all and she apologized for it. It's so frustrating to deal with, giving the other person all the slack yet not being given any in return.


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  • Are all women like this?
    Nope as I find there are very few things that all members of a group are like. I've known way more gals that are opposite to the article than are like the article.

    If anything I find the behavior in the article way more common in males. Except it seems society rarely acknowledges it. When a guy is nagging/harping he's just going after what he wants, speaking the truth, being persistent, being assertive, being dominant etc. I find it way more common for men to think they know best than gals do. Heck studies have even shown men often think they know better/more than professionals. I imagine most guys think they know what a gal feels/means better than she does herself. Different experiences.

    However it seems you're the one with an agenda and confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance that insists you must be right. Perhaps other gals did not respond because they considered it ludicrous to make an extreme claim rather than "women didn't answer me so I am right".

    • Hey it worked! You aren't wrong, I have an agenda. It's not what you think though. My experience and the thing's I've heard have always been exactly what the article details. My agenda here is to get some women to actually read it, and tell me that I'm wrong. I WANT TO BE WRONG!! I'm not some asshole on here trying to prove that all women are shit. I'm fucking scared that for the rest of my life if I ever want to be with someone I love that it's always going to be a life of misery. I really don't want this article to apply to the majority of women, and I really really hope you're right that it is in fact the minority. But like I said, in my experience it seems to happen in every relationship that I know anything about lol. So that's why it scares me. And I don't care what men do, I already know men are shitty. I only care about myself. I don't do this type of thing. Trust me when I say I think men are fucking retards. It's unfortunate that a lot of the guys on GAG are dumbasses

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    • I find it amusing that the guy who called me a psycho bitch going crazy on him is acting like the poor blameless injured party who is just getting heaps attacked because he asked a question.

      It's not 'all because you asked a question'. That you would claim such suggests I was likely correct about how your marriage played out. I specifically stated what my opinions were about and it wasn't just because you asked a question. Heck I even quoted your words I was basing one of my opinions on.

      I'm not constantly looking for reasons to insult you. I stated my opinions on your actions and words. I didn't ask for personal information on your life. You gave that up in a rant spiel. I stated my opinions on it. You disliking the opinions doesn't make it an insult.

    • Like I've said on the topic: You can find someone who isn't as the article described. Whether you want that person is a tossup. As finding someone who doesn't behave that way is quite common however finding someone who fits your criteria/preferences may not be depending on what your criteria is.

      You are wrong on the idea that all women do this as there are very few things that all members of a group do. Whether it is a majority or a minority is a tossup.

      However in my opinion your toxic mindset about gals will likely have you encountering the same mistakes over and over. Since in my opinion you are like the typical male since you claim treating gals like shit will get you all the love and pussy you want. For all your words of believing gals don't want an asshole it seems you fall into line of the typical nice guy hamster wheel rationalization of 'women I want don't want me or treat me the way I want so they must want assholes'

  • I don't care about such little things anyway lol... for one.. I don't check labels or fat or calories before I eat something.. I just makes the food less tasty and less exciting.. so I'd never care if my boyfriend/husband does that.. only thing that might bother me is if he ignores me.. and prioritizes everything else on me.. that'd be a deal breaker for me.. and I won't nag about that.. it'd be over.. but other than that.. nah..


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  • Yes. The difference is, this one actually realized what she was doing and reflected on her actions. Something that's simply beyond at least 99.999% of them.

  • I'd dump her if she freaked out about shit like that. I want someone who makes my life more enjoyable, not someone who makes it more stressful.