Getting MARRIED?

Why would a man give a woman his last name?


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  • When I married my woman she became my property... that means she's MY slave and no one elses. Women are supposed to be seen and not heard. In my house my wife knows not to speak unless she's spoken to... if she does speak out of line she knows there's consequences. If I need to call her a bitch, a slut... if I need to throw her around, pull her by her hair... that's what I'll do. If I want sex I get sex, there's not excuses.

    Every woman needs a man to tell her what to do. Women are our slaves - They're to do what we say and only what we say. If they don't like it they can kiss my ass.

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    • Which one of your sisters did you marry? Probs the yougest one, huh?

    • Age of consent only became a thing since feminism. "Women are supposed to be seen and not heard" was said by our Christian forefathers.

      The hindoos and buddhists etc are also with us so stfu it's not just arabs

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  • because he loves her?


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  • Tradition. Nothing more.
    Makes family trees easier to follow too.


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  • to make her part of his family