I can't take this relationship any longer , and I do love him but he does not understand?

I live in Idaho, Twin Falls with my boyfriend Jack , we are living together because that is what we thinked would be best for both of us... Me and him are together for 9 months now and I think I am pregnant but haven't told him because I know he will feel bad about it. He says he love me but when push comes to shove , and he gets mad at me he put his shoes on and leave me at any giving time and because I think he is the love of my life I used to follow him around then I got tired of the shiit and got into a self-respect group of women to get support and have someone there for me... Since then I realized that follow him around just get's his ego up and makes him feel wanted and makes me feel crappy and like a puppy following him , so I stopped and give myself worth... I hate the fact that we fight night & morning and he blames me for everything. Second him I can be sucessful because I have a sucessful family and he is made just to survive , both our families are different in the way they think and do things. Today was a outbreak , and to him whenever I question him about anything he thinks I don't trust him enough when it is not the case I just wanted to know where my 8.5 GB USB gone to because it contain important files. In response I tried to tell him I needed to see his jacket to have sure was not there because I searched in the entire room , he does not like when I worry about him at all , even if it is genuine worries... I am 18 years old and he is 21 and I feel like is time for a reality check so I think I should go into Dr. Phil or in a tv show and get the truth out of both our mouths and try solve things with everyone watching bc' whenever I tell people what he does nobody ever believe me and they see me as a crazy woman... To me is the end point I am tired , I need help , he refuses to do therapy and whenever he goes he tries to distract the hole point of it talking about things he is really smart on like Politics , and other crap... What can I do?


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  • The first thing you should do is to terminate your pregnancy. The next step should be to dump him.


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