Girls, how entitled will you be when you become pregnant? Guys, which level of entitlement do you find acceptable? Both sexes, please explain why?

Girls, how entitled will you be when you become pregnant? Guys, which level of entitlement do you find acceptable? Both sexes, please explain why?

  • I don't expect anything except for a healthy baby.
  • I expect to have a baby shower.
  • I expect to have a baby shower and a push present.
  • I expect to have a baby shower, a push present and a babymoon.
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  • A baby shower is traditionally with female friends and family and while not an expectation I would definitely love one. It's not for the presents it's to see all of the wonderful women who have contributed to my life together before I'm overwhelmed and exhausted.
    As for support nothing more than usual until I'm struggling to physically do things like bend over and lift heavy. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for assistance then.
    Push presents are a ridiculous notion - you have a brand new beautiful baby. That's the reward!

    • Yeah, baby showers have traditionally been a "girls" only thing, but in the past 2 years, I've gone to 4 baby showers where guys were invited as well. I think it's progress and helps guys become more involved, as they should be.

  • I expect to have my partner help take care of me (as the physical strain is no walk in the park, not talking financial) and be sympathetic, and a healthy child. That's not too much to ask in my opinion. Baby shower isn't necessary.

    • You're unique! So many girls are sooo entitled these days. I once dated a girl who expected jewelry as a push present if we ever got married and had kids. That is on top of her baby shower and she also wanted a babymoon.

    • I didn't even know there was such a thing as push presents or babymoons.

  • We didn't expect anything but I got a beautiful shower with our first child and a reminder of all the amazing people in our lives with our second child. Now we are all done, family complete :D

    • Personally, I think a baby shower is okay as long as the dad and his family and friends get to participate as well. It shouldn't be like a "girl's only" thing. My friends lately have been doing baby showers that include both sides of the family and the husbands as well.

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  • I support the full suite. Having a baby is hard.

    • Humans have been having babies for thousands of years, long before the start of this stupid, entitled GIFT CULTURE we live in that's really driven by CORPORATE GREED.

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    • Link to study?

    • I'm not sure there are studies on the effectiveness of where you go during maternal leave and/or the effectiveness of specific gifts.

      Gift giving and vacations however can easily be shown for to be positive in reducing stress, one of the main proponents for risk of P0D.

  • I just want a strong baby. I despise gift culture. It takes away the meaning of a gift.

    • Agreed! The gift culture is out of control! And manipulative girls will use the chilvalry card to guilt trip guys into buying shit for them, "if you were a real man, you would do this"