Married people, how did you know he/she was the one?

Hello there, I want to know how did you know he/she was the one that you want to spend te rest of your life with? When you got married, where you 100% sure about getting married to he/she?


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  • Everyone is different. For me personally my story is:
    We were dating for 2 years. I had to leave and do a 1 year tour in Korea. During that tour I watched many many people cheat on their partners. All I could think about was her. How funny she was, how her lips felt, how she sounded when she was sleepy, how lonely I felt when she wasn't with me. We both stayed faithful that full year and As soon as I got back, I talked to her dad then proposed to her. I had no doubts and no thoughts of other girls.

  • Before I met my wife, I got around a bit and learned some lessons. Particularly, I learned that being friends before having sex was important to me. It certainly limited my prospects, but by then I was OK with that.

    When I got to know her, she was kind, funny, really smart, and a consummate student. She also had a way of keeping me on my toes: morally, academically, and in conversation. She was also a bit of a prude and very emotionally fragile. She was the kind of person who just wouldn't recover well from heartbreak and would hate herself forever if she was emotionally manipulated into doing anything physical, only to realize she had been played. This made it absolutely imperative to me that I wouldn't so much as kiss her without first knowing I would get married to her.

    When our friendship was headed that way, I think I already knew, but I also remember our first kiss explicitly, and I remember asking myself before leaning in, "You're sure she's the one, right?" I know that may sound a little extreme, but I liked her and respected her that much.

    I also knew that I was good for her and I knew that I would eventually turn her low self esteem around completely. This has pretty much proven to be the case. She was very quiet and shy when I met her. Her real adult personality is extroverted. She's far more outgoing than me.

    I had fallen much, much harder for girls and women before her, but I had decided that that feeling was a temporary head rush which faded with time. With her, it was the opposite. The longer we are together, the more I love her.

  • None ever know, they just get tired of all that dating shit.


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