How do you plan a bachelorette party?

My sister who is getting married just named me as her maid of honor for her wedding. (I'm 19 and she's 22) As of right now, I'm in my freshman year of college and I am currently earning no income because I've been busy as a full time student. She just explained to me that the maid of honor usually plans the bachelorette party and takes care of most of the events for the party. She reassured me that since I'm still young with no income, I don't have to do all the work with the planning, but I at least want to come up with some good ideas and activities for it. After all, I've been deemed the maid of honor for a reason, right?

I asked her for suggestions and she told me that her vacation in Las Vegas was nice. She's very open to any suggestions that I might give. Problem is that I don't know where to start. I would like to plan something in Las Vegas, but it just seems redundant because she's been there before (and recently too). I'm open to any suggestions as long as it's not terribly costly. I would like some help with events/activities during the trip as well. (I'm planning a trip mostly because me, her, and all of her other bridesmaids live in different states, so it would work better if we all went somewhere else.)


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  • What does your sister want?
    1) Dinner with friends
    2) Spa treatment
    3) Stripper party and let it all out one last time?


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  • Do a spa day in one of the resorts.
    Be all relaxed and have nice skin before the wedding.
    there's nothing cool about getting piss drink, parading around in tube dresses with sashes wearing crowns and eating penis shaped lollypops. It's just really cringe worthy.

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