Ladies what can men get out of modern marriage to make it worth it for them?

How does modern marriage benefit men?


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  • The purpose of marriage has always been to create a family. If you don't want kids or if you don't see yourself committing to one person forever, then don't get married.

    • I can have kids without the commitment if I want.

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    • Perhaps I wasn't clear what benefits?

    • It depends on what you value. I value family so that means that I see raising children as a major benefit itself. You get to pass on your genes, wealth, knowledge, and love but more importantly you get to share all of that with people that you care about. Some people won't see these as benefits though because they're not ready for any of this yet. It's why I stayed single. I knew I wanted these things but knew I wasn't ready. Then I met my husband and he wanted the same things so we got married. People shouldn't get married if they can't see themselves being committed but they should be extremely careful before leaving single mothers around because then they become a drain to society.

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  • Nothing, really. You have a f*cked up marriage law.


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  • You see, this is where people (men and women) totally misunderstand marriage. It's NEVER what you can "get" from marriage (or a relationship), it's what you GIVE. It's ALWAYS been about giving, not getting!

    The idea that marriage is a 50%-50% deal is dead wrong too. It's a 100%-100% vow a man and a woman make to each other. When guys go into marriage with these attitudes, their marriages are extremely successful!