How can I get over him?

I have this friend that I have known for a while. Recently I started to really feel like I have started falling in love with him. A few weeks ago we kissed, but we shouldn't have. He is engaged and it's not to me. I know that we can't be together, but I don't want to loose him as a friend. Any suggestions on how I can get over him? Anything that doesn't involve not being his friend anymore?


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  • Bad news the only way to get over him is to not see him anymore. When people are in contact with each other emotions are at a high when your not seeing the person slowly you begin to let go. Trust me I was in love with this guy and we didn't see each other for 2 years and then when I bumped into him all the feelings came rushing back. You used the L word which means your attached to him. He's getting married and its only going to complicate things. If you don't want to break ties with him then hang out with him every so often but make sure it's public, don't talk to him about personal things and if he instigates things then you have to make the decision on if you want to be the OTHER girl. It won't end well if he begins to cheat on her with you and you'll end up breaking ties with him on bad terms.


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