How do you feel about emotional cheating?

OK so I have been talking to this guy online for about a year, and he tells me things like he loves me, and has never been so into a girl before.

It's "online" so I just have a hard time believe all this, being that he could be doing whatever, whenever .. because duh, we live worlds apart!

He says he wants to marry me.. which is really serious, I told him I would never marry someone, I didn't know in real life, and live with them for at least a year or somethng, to know its for real.

He agreed with me, and so I'm planning a trip just to visit, and we'll go from there.. He says we can live together for awhile, before deciding to get married. (he's just never felt this way before)

Thing is, I have a friend who went online, sort of to trick him to see if he's real with me. He's totally falling for her, hitting on her and saying he's single and just looking for a serious girlfriend to marry.

Is this only about marriage? Is this all crazy, because he seems normal when I talk to him, clearly I'm being duped. So, now I feel lied too, obviously,

would you tell him it's your friend talking to him? Or just stop talking to him all together? Or would this not even bother you?


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  • He sounds like he's just really lonely. Your friend did of course, use her account and not yours when she spoke to him am I right?.

    Telling us that you've known him for a year doesn't really mean anything, I say just keep things friendly for now.

    Are you really into this guy?.


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  • Well,I think that you shouldn't go,if he is lieing,you will feel bad,you wasted your money to go there and see him.

    If he likes you so much,tell him to come to you.

    • I have said that, but he lives in Morrocco, and it takes them forever to get papers to come to canada, it's just eaiser for me, because all you need is a passport and go.

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  • I would be bothered by it personally. Even though it isn't a relationship in the traditional since, you trusted him and he broke that.

    I would bring it up to him to see why he did it at all but I would most definitely end the relationship as well. He is obviously lying about his true feelings towards you and you never know how many other women he is doing this with.

  • Really, you've never seen the guy, he shouldn't be talking about marriage. Then he talks to your friend about marriage? He seems shady, I'd quit talking to him. That money you saved for a trip to Morocco, treat yourself to a trip to the beach or something somewhere else.

  • I would tell him its your friend and then tell him how you feel. See if he comes out and tells you the truth or if he'll lie and try to deny it or something. Show him that you know he lied so he feels stupid and dumb for it. I hope it works out for you