There's a guy who always looks at me - does he like me?

when we are at youth group he always looks at me and when I look at him he doesn't look away and he is always playing four square but when I leave he stops playing does he like me and when I'm near him he acts like I'm not even there

but if I become friends with him would that be better to start a relationship
can somebody else please answer
please I really need help
someone answer


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  • he is interested in you for sure...just his ego or self esteem comes into the way , so he couldn't propose you on first place. But that doesn't mean that he is really a good guy and are not in a relation. you shouldnt go for a guy you barely know.

    take care

  • yeah dear.

    if you guys would become friends then you can know about him. but still ur purpose is to have a relation with him. so make sure that you if you go for a simple friendship then just be friends for about 2 months atleast. Although with my life experience I think sometimes even 2 years are less to know a person.

    take care


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