Charlie Harper quote about marriage? How true is it?

So there is this quote in Two And A Half Men where Charlie says something along the lines of "If I have one woman to cook and clean for me, and some action on a regular basis, there is no need for me to get married"

What are your opinions on this? I think it actually makes a lot of sense


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  • marriage is not just about having someone take care of u. its way deeper than that and there is sooo much more meaning to marriage than a regular piece of ass, clean laundry and dinner on the table every night.
    if u dont have someone who makes u realize that, then u should probably steer clear from marriage. its not for everyone.

    • Please tell me you are not talking about "love"? Because letting a chemical in your brain control your life is as stupid as it gets

    • i wasn't talking about love lol

    • oh, ok then. i assumed you were because many people here talk about it -.-

  • Berta + the hook ups keep him happy.


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