Why do women stay with a guy if they are not happy but cheat on them?

My question is, Why do women stay with a guy or stay married to him if they are not happy but cheat on them with someone else? And, why would they be jealous if their husband would do the same thing? I have met a few women in the past who were married but sexually attracted to me and other guys and actually tried to get with me, but I am not into that, so I had to turn them down. They just found other people to get with outside of their marriage. Is it just lust or what is wrong with these people? Why would they stay with their partners if they are just wanting to be with someone else? I don't understand.!


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  • I am going to answer in a non-gender based way. Because I do not believe that this is just women and both sexes are guilty.

    A lot of it boils down to insecurity and lack of character. No person should do that to another. We should be upfront about our unhappiness in a relationship and try to work it out before infidelity comes in and hurts EVERYBODY.

    Seeking others outside the relationship to compensate for something missing in the relationship does no good. It is so ridiculous but unfortunately, oh so common. We think that we deserve more sex or a partner that listens to us outside of our relationship and then think that it is justified. But once the truth comes up, it hits us all in the face real hard and there is only regret.

    Some might say that it would be too complicated to get a divorce or break-up but I disagree and think that truth should be upfront and if you do not have communication and honesty in a relationship, then you have no reason to be in it and you should break it off before someone gets hurt.

    • I totally agree! Thanks!

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  • extra marital affairs happen more because of dissatisfaction than lust. it is their inability to get along with each other that drives them to these things.

    as fr staying married in spite of this, they know that marriage will be the same, whoever the man is, they know that if they would marry the guy they sleep with, it would be no better than their current marriage, marriage is commitment but extra marital affairs seem to have no strings attached I guess

    • I see what you're saying!

  • I DO UNDERSTAND :) But I DON'T justify it !

    It's like this.those are people that are truly afraid of the bare thought that they ought to spend their entire life with just ONE person.They often feel like bound or something like that

    Or their marriage doesn't satisfy them in one or more ways.

    Therefore-they've gotta look for something else outside their marriage.

    It's as simple as that :)

    • Did you mean that you don't justify women wanting to be with someone outside of marriage? Could you explain a little more?

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  • Because cheating women are like monkeys. They won't let go of one branch until they have a grip on another. So, she will not leave her husband until she has another "secure" relationship.

    As for being jealous if their husbands did the same; as a monkey, having the branch you're holding onto break as you're reaching for another one is a bummer.

    • Lol! Dude, that was so funny! ha ha ha :)

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