Is marriage so important?

I have this friend who is most of the time concern about marriage. He most of the time talk about who I am going to marry, it will be sorry if I marry, at what age will I marry etc. I don't really mind talking to him about these things but it feels so weird when he ask me these question.

We are go friends ONLY (not boy friend nor girl friend) and we enjoy being friends but at this age (17yrs) I fond it stupid talking about marriage, and whenever I ask him why he is so concern he would just gets mad and tell me to shut up like if I bring up the subject and I never brought up a marriage subject.

He like a girl and I don't know if he love her (YET), but instead he talks about his life and who he wants to marry he mostly ask me the questions

BACK TO THE QUESTION: Why is marriage so important to him?


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  • So what do you do after you ask and he gets mad? I'd just call him out on it until he tells you..

    • I leave him alone because he will get more upset

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