Why do girls "postpone" dates?

Hello everyone,

I'm just a bit confused here.. The last two dates I've been on with two different girls, both of them postponed the date. The other girl in fact kept on suggesting a later date for whatever I proposed. But eventually I met both of them and had a good time..

For example, if I suggest Thursday, she'll say no I won't be able to make it Thursday, let's do it on the weekend.

Why would girls delay or postpone a date? Is it part of the game they play? Are they trying to test something here?

Lastly, how should a guy react to this?


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  • You say " wish you all the best" then signal *slap butt* and watch it jiggle contently while you f*** her best friend

  • accept the change in dates 4 max 3 times and then tell her bye bye