I don't know where I stood?

This maybe a long story to some... and just wanted an opinion on it. Basically I don't know where I stood with my guy friend as I'm not the most experienced with men. So here's the story.

Well I was mates with this guy in work he was engaged didn't see anything in it as hey he had a girlfriend! After a year he started acting different with me. Was texting me loads (he never even used to reply let alone text) talk to me for ages on msn when he would only chat for about half an hour normally and was more attentive to me. He was always asking me was I seeing anyone asked about 4/5 times in a couple of months.

He would say stuff to me like how I wasn't just any girl,that it would be more fun if we weren’t friends, that I didn't need any beauty sleep stuff like that really and was constantly asking me over his flat or out for a drink - which I never went as he said the once I would be going home with him :S. He was very tactile finding reasons to touch me like grabbing my hand making out he was looking at my nails or finding reasons to sit close to me.

We met up a couple of times once for coffee where he called me sexy and another time he met me and treated me to a meal after work. I thought we were heading for something then after a week or so he started being cold that's when I found out he met another girl. A week later he dumped his fiancé and the girl in question dumped her partner who she was living with.

I confronted him but he denied what he did saying it was all in my head. He's been living with her a year and a half now saving up to get married - this is his 4th engagement got engaged after a month. I find it is awkward between us but I don't think it was in my head and I certainly didn't imagine the comments etc...

We are still mates but I do feel quite bitter towards him


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  • Not surprised. He was tired of his fiancé, and he was looking for someone else. This wasn't in your head. Some people are naturally flirtatious, and you may misread them is being interested in you. But the fact that his behaviour changed with his relationship status shows that he's not one of those people.

    It's obvious that he started being cold because he had found someone else and he was no longer 'pursuing' you.

    I don't know why you would even begin to think it was in your head. I mean, do put it behind you, because you have to co-exist, but the guy seems like a bit of a user.


What Girls Said 1

  • I say he definitely led you on...I think you have every right to be mad at him and I would be weary about being friends with a guy like him. He really sounds like he doesn't know what he wants other than he does not want to be alone. I would leave him alone and move on...you will find a man who will treat you better and with some respect. Good luck!