Why would a man appear so happy and discuss marriage, and then disappear days later?

My partner and I had been together for a while, I have children from my previous relationship and he has been very good with them. He had taken them on as his own without a hassle. There had been some ups and downs but nothing we couldn't handle. He desperately wanted to have children with me and as a result I became pregnant. Just last week he mentioned getting engaged and was quite emotional about it. He has been very happy and excited about having this baby and nothing changed. But then in the past week I noticed a slight distance in his eyes, not that he had changed just that little thing that was slightly off. 3days ago after an argument he said he needed to go for a walk and he would be back. His phone got turned off and I haven't heard from him since...? He rung his mother late last night and told her he wasn't coming back to me and wouldn't be in touch for a while, no one knows where he is or how to contact him. He has told her that he doesn't care what happens with me or the baby and feels trapped...So that speaks for itself, but I don't understand how someone can appear so happy and involved and then just flip out and disappear?


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  • Probably just the rush of extreme emotions when you decide to end a relationship. You can see all good, then all bad, then you get tired of it all and leave.

    • I understand that, but what I don't understand is why someone would be perfectly happy, planning a family and everything is going well and then dissappear passing on the message to someone else that they no longer want the relationship or the family?

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    • Well if you're not happy you wouldn't be shopping for an engagement ring would you?! And let me tell you I had nothing to do with the marriage idea! Anyway it seems like you really don't understand my question so never mind.

    • I can see what this guy is doing - that's enough. Actions speak louder than words. If you misunderstand I'll explain. If a man leaves, it means he wants it to be over.

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