Why do some women opt out of their partner paying child support?

I see many women getting pregnant out of marriage and wonder why some have nothing to do with the dad? Do they loose track of these guys? Do they not file? or they can't get DNA or something? just curious.


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  • I knew a guy who quit his job so he wouldn't have to pay child support. The girl put him on child support and whenever the courts would track him, he'd quit or conveniently get fired. You can't receive child support if there is no money.

    Some may have left abusive situations and if they received child support then the guy would be able to contact her and the child.

    Some women would rather not deal with the man in anyway, including receiving money the child is entitled to.

    Some men just disappear and they can't track him.

    • I didn't know the man was entitled to have contact with the mother and child during payments. Your answers are interesting because I didn't know all that. I appreciate your answer.

    • I don't think they have to have contact, but he might be able to be able to find her more easily.

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  • There are a lot of reasons women opt out of getting support- some might lose track of the guy, not have the time, money, or energy to fight him in court or they might be afraid they'll lose full custody in court so they just let it go. There's also the desire not to be dependent on the guy they obviously don't get along that well with- some women would rather struggle and make it on their own than feel he has some semblance of control over her and her child's life. Or some women just realy don't want the guy in their lives. There's a lot of reasons, some of it is by choice, other times it's not, it just depends onthe situation.


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  • It's not as easy for the girl to get child support. If I don't have a job or a drivers license, how are you gonna get anything from me? If I was living with you for longer than sex months and we weren't married. You get half of my stuff as common law. If I was just a guy and I never lived with you or was married to you. I'm just "bobo" the sperm guy, you can take everything from me if I have anything and if you can find me.

    I know someone who doesn't bother chasing after the child support from the guy because he doesn't see the child as much as he should be.These guys are harder to deal with because they don't step up to be the dad and leave "her" to do all the work so, why should she ask him for help if he doesn't care about the kid? If he doesn't care to put in the time to the kid, if he doesnt' have the money he definitely won't care to throw his wallet in that direction. Sometimes its to much energy on her part to get that support or financial assistance.