So, I have a boyfriend, which we have been together for about two years now, I would like to get married, but I feel that there is issues, he says there is nothing to talk about and that it is for him to ask me, but I feel that whenever I bring up the subject that he can barely say two words about it. I also said to him what happens if I asked you, I said would you say NO? he basically had no comment. I feel that this will just go on forever and that he will never commit, in that way.

Why is it such a hard thing when you love someone just to go for it! that's what I can't understand... Please someone explain to me from a males perspective, so I can understand.


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  • So clearly you're ready to get married, but is he? Cause if he's not even remotely ready to get married you just freaked him out completely (and that's kind of what it's sounding like).

    "Why is it such a hard thing when you love someone just to go for it!"

    Because marriage isn't buying a new pair of shoes, it's a lifetime commitment to the same person. That can be a daunting decision, especially if someone isn't totally ready.

    And a girl asking a guy? I'm going to say for the overwhelming majority of guys this would not be cool.

    • Well thank you for your opinion, I will take what you have said on board. Why aren't men this easy to speak to in real life :-).

      So I guess I won't ask, I know its an ego thing with men.

      Yes I am ready and I do see it as a big thing, but I also see it as I want to be his Mrs ...., I am quite spontaneous about things so I guess that why I can't understand the whole " Go for it" becsuse that's just my personality, but not his in the slightest, he is very cautious about things much more so thanme