What is there to do in a semi-formal party?

Ok my parents are forcing me to attend this party with them. They said that there will be a lot of teenagers going there and there is going to be nothing for us to do. If you ever attended a party with adult supervision, what did you do to survive it?


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  • Oh adults might not pay you too much attention. If there's music and everything you guys should get people dancing that will loosen up the grown ups and get most of the attention off the teens. When I went to one I danced with teens and grown ups but nothing fresh really just funny. By then everyone was talking, dancing or sneaky off somewhere. Hopefully they have some interesting games or icebreakers. If this Semi-formal is way more classy umm settle for talking and telling jokes. You'll probably have more fun than you think if you know how to engage people or there's a interesting clownish person.

  • bring me ;]


    well when my parents did that I just stole their beer, and put it in my bag and when out in the woods and drank


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