Is it worth trying to get him back?

I met this guy online, we dated for 2.5 months. We spent every night together after we started dating and I was convinced with all of my heart that this was the guy I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. He even proposed to me a week after our 2 months. Recently, he broke it off. At first, it was nothing but drama. Now that the smoke has cleared, we can talk like two civil people. I am still in love with this guy so much I'm willing to help him in any way I can. He's been under so much stress, I just offer the help that I can. He just lost his job today...the break up resulted from what his doctor said was a mental breakdown of complete stress from work. So I don't know if I should keep trying, if I could get some advice, maybe it will help me. I promised him I'd wait for him but I need to know what is good for me too.


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  • Okay it's only been 2.5 months...that sounds so little time with each other to know if you're right for each other...

    I suggest not dating him or wait it out till he gets his life back together...or something. Because two months and that big of a drama is bad for both of you. So if you can pull threw and him not be a jerk and ect then maybe you should date him and truly be in love. But two months seems far to little to be completely sure. You know? But if you do I don't want you to give up. :)


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  • try go out on a picnic together, tell him that you want him to relax and forget his stresses. that would be the time to talk and clear up any questions you might have but, don't bring them out all at once. gradual progression.


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  • when you've only known someone for 2 weeks and you propose to them.. there's usually another reason other than them falling heads over heels for you... and it seems like he has stress problems... all you can do is try and not add to that stress...

    and although its not my place to tell anyone who they should and shouldnt marry... knowing someone for 2 weeks does not seem like something that would last in the long run...

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