Is he interested in me?

His name is Ziga. Well I met him six mounts ago on school excursion. On such field trips are a lot of students hanging out in the evening. Some guys there were really annoying, they came close to the girls and thought that the biggest guy, wanted kissing them and so on. I really hate guys like them. But he wasn't like them. One night when we were in the hotel and this happened to me he just stood on the balcony and talked to his schoolmate. He didn't join them attacking me.

But after that he asked me several times if I want came in his room after diner. He asked just me, not any other girl, so I concluded he likes me.

Meanwhile, I already had a boyfriend from school (which was not on the excursion) with who I hanged out several times so I rejected his proposal to socialize in his room.

Now I haven't got that boyfriend anymore so I invited Zure if he want to go on ice-cream with me. He accepted and we had a great time. We laugh a lot and had a lot to talk to. Day after that I sent him a message that I had a great time with him and I proposed him that we repeat that. He said yes but he said also that we should wait on warmer weather. (?) ( if he really thought that there was cold outside he would proposed hot chocolate and not moved the meeting, I think)

I sent him some messages since then but every time I asked him if he has time he made an excuse. But contrary to that every time I pass him in school he said something, so I stop and we talk. I am really confused I am almost sure he likes me. If he doesn't likes me he wouldn't invited me in his room and yes... One my schoolmate was also on excursion and he knows her but in school he never say hello to her when we walk down the hall he doesn't even see her. And I can say that she is not ugly, she is cute.

Can be possible that he is too shy to go out whit me again or I have all wrong interpretations? Well he is 17 so I can hardly believe that he is so shy.

I really want go out with him -on real date but I don't know how to that if he avoids just simply ice-cream, hot chocolate after school...

thank you for your advise.. And jea I know my English is bad but I hope you'll understand. :D


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  • It sounds like he might like you but he is to nervous to ask you out. If you really like him then maybe it is time for you to ask him, half of love is putting yourself out there. Sometimes you get hurt but that's just life, if you don't do it you'll regret it later. Thanks for asking me to answer your question, I am honored to know something likes my way of thinking :) good luck!


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  • be spontaneous with it, like "today were going to the movies" so you take the lead. If he says no ask why not.

  • You come from Slovenia? Wow. Alright well it sounds like this guy might be nervous but he has interest in you. And I think your English sounds good.


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  • he soooo likes you !

    give it time doe everything will work out and from the sounds of things he is a shy guy he just doesn't show it

    i hope I helpt :)

    could you please answer my question on the man that stares at me thank you :)!

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