What does mean some 15 golden rings in the fingers of one hand?

I have encountered two women aging some 30 and 45 who have had some 10...20 gold-colored rings spread in the fingers of their left (?) hand. Is there some kind of more or less secret thing lying behind that collection of rings or not? In my native culture a woman is traditionally expected to wear a maximum of two or three rings as a sign of being a married woman. If one is a married woman/man but does not usually wear the wedding ring(s), that can be here interpreted as a sign of being ashamed of the marriage. Of course there can be some hobby, education and profession rings as well. In Finland you can buy for example a Master's ring (for example Master of Science) from a jewelery store.

I asked this question from one of my best friends and he stated that in his opinion ten or 15 gold-colored rings do not have to be a sign of anything. He said that nowadays some women just like to wear a lot of pretty rings, maybe just because they happen to look nice in the fingers. I can partially understand this point of view, but I have a feeling that in some cases there's a lot more to it than that. Why have I detected here that many women have only those two or three rings visible as a sign of being a married woman? And why do many young unmarried women here carry no rings at all in the fingers of their left hand?


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  • I use to wear a saphire ring from Thailand/Loas my homeland/birthland on my left hand ring finger... (second finger from the left). I wear it because it was a piece of jewelry I bought when I was in Thailand helping children who were at risk for the sex trade. I am married now, and I still wear that ring on that finger. My marriage ring that my husband bought me, is on the ring finger on my right hand. I am married... not ashamed of it either... but it's just better for my fingers this way, I feel comfortable wearing it this way. maybe different people have different reasons why they wear certain jewelry like me. by the way, those are the only two jewelry I wear


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