If I'm like his sister, why is he a little shy?

I like this boy who I am old friends with. We go to different colleges but live in the same city at home. We rarely see each other. We would see each other maybe 3 times a year... but since I broke up with my boyfriend we've seen each other every time I am home. (It just makes it easier to be friends I think)

He once said I was like his sister... (bad!)

if he's so comfortable with me and viewing me like a sister, why did he call me the other weekend saying "Hey, I was wondering if you were home this weekend." It kind of seems like he was shy about it.

I know I'm overanalyzing things but it just seems like someone who is comfortable with me would just be like "Hey, let's hang out. Are you home?"

As old friends, wouldn't one hang out be enough? I feel like when I catch up with old friends, we have lunch and that's it. But when we hang out, he usually proposes hanging out again the next day. Or, like one time, we hung out, but there was nothing to do... instead of going home, he stuck around. AND he stayed until 3 am. And even though that was boring, the next time I was home (3 weeks later) he seemed to really want to hang out. then even though we did hang out that time, he called me to hang out again when I was home (3 weeks later). even though he already had friends to hang out with. and he even invited me to hang out with them.

And I feel like he's always smiling around me... sometimes we'll make eye contact that is longer than usual.

And he seems to be a LOT nicer towards me than he used to be.

Do I have a chance? Does this look like he's just wanting to be friendly? Be honest! I do not want any sugarcoating.

"And even though that was boring, the next time I was home (3 weeks later) he seemed to really want to hang out." -> he did not call me this time though. my friend called him to hang out with us


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  • bring up a hypothetical question and then if you get a good response, go for it. sounds like he's interested.

  • If he is intersted in you and flirting, acting awkward and creating some sexual tension which you are picking up on he might be interested in you, question is it short term friends with benefits or something more and you might want to think about what you want and where it will go etc... or just have fun whatever happens, happens...


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