When is he gonna propose??

He said that he was going to ask me on my birthday but things didn't go according to plan etc. Now he has me crazy wondering when? Help!


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  • I think he's just waiting for the right time. Since his last attempt went wrong, he's probably feeling really nervous about the whole thing. After all, popping the question is a really big step in a relationship.

    Just give him time. If he cares for you, he'll get to it, no problem.

    • Thanks never thought about him being nervous. Is there anything ai can do to put him at ease?? I'm not bothered by a fancy ring...

    • Well, having been single all my life, I can't say I'd really have the right answer for you. Still, if you just be there for him like you always have, he'll come around. Don't worry so much about it, and, whatever you do, do not pressure him.

      Just out of interest, did he explain exactly what went wrong? Perhaps the ring he wanted to get you had been sold before he could afford it, or something.

    • Ok so just don't pressure him at all costs. And carry on as normal - that I can do. He just said that he didn't have enough time. I moved across the world a few days after my birthday which he was aware of before hand of course. So maybe with me always being around he didn't have a spare moment (we lived together) and spent every spare moment together before I left...

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  • As long as you're letting him have sex with you he has no reason, so if he is in that kind of relationship with you, let him know he can't get any until there's a ring on your finger.

    • Normally I would agree. But he was the one to bring up the mention of marriage. Now I am just waiting for the ring

  • Well the word "prepose" means to put before. Propose would mean he is intending on marrying you.

    • Yes he said that he was going to ask me to marry him on my birthday - almost three months ago.

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