Saying "if we ever end up getting married"

I started a relationship with a guy I've been friends with for awhile. It's been 3 months now, granted he's deployed and we only got 2 weeks of that relationship together as a couple.

But I had a question regarding what your opinions are on a couple things he told me. Now my friends are determined we are gonna end up married =P. Right now it's too soon into it to tell for me. But he has said a couple times things that start off with "if we were to ever get married".

Now not that the idea scares me, he's a really wonderful guy. But I'm just surprised a guy would say something like that so soon into a relationship.

What are your thoughts on what he may think or feel?


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  • I'd just say he's at a point in his life where he's thinking about his future. Assuming he's in your age range- that's a typical time when men start thinking about settling down more seriously. I wouldn't read too much into it because like you said- you guys haven't been together all that long.

    Of course guys in the military seem to have quite the reputation for getting hitched quickly. I should know. I married one :P

    • Lol, thanks. Yeah I won't just jump into things at all. I told my friends, even if he did come back with a ring like they seem to think, I couldn't say yes. I need to know we can get though any problems the future may lay out for us. I need to know I've matured that much and that he is mature in that way.

  • He may just be in love. My boyfriend of two weeks as well is off in San Diego training for the military. I know I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with him but marriage kinda scares me too. I love him with all my heart but I feel if he and I are gonna be together forever, we have like an eternity to get married. I would just talk to your boyfriend when he gets back about how you feel and the thoughts that are running through your head. I'll do the same.

    • Well, it's hard to see how he could fall that quick. But who knows.....I pace myself so I don't know. But yeah, we'll talk when he gets back. Good luck with your future with your bf! Wish you all the best!