Where should I propose to my girlfriend?

My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 4 years now and they have been the best years of my life. I won't be proposing for a while (I want it to be super special, so I have A LOT to organize) but I'm trying to decide where I should propose so I can start organizing.

We've always wanted to travel around Europe, so I was also wondering if we should travel Europe and I propose at my chosen destination... or if we should just go straight my chosen destination for a short vacation where I will propose and then we can travel around Europe later. What do you think?

Now for my proposal... I was thinking Paris, Venice or Switzerland. I know Paris and Venice are very well known as 'Romantic Spots', I haven't heard as much about Switzerland but it looks really beautiful. What would you ladies prefer? Or men, what would you pick?


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  • well I'm not anywhere near marrige, but my dad proposed to my mom in Fontana Di Trevi, Italy

    , and they both threw a penny in the fountain and while she closed her eyes for 5 seconds he got on his kness right away and pulled the ring out. she actually opened her eyes perfect timing and she was shocked as hell. SO he proposed and said " please make my wish come true" xD aww lmao. My dad is so chessy :D.. well hope this helps


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  • I have been to Paris and Venice, they are one of the best romantic places around the world, but if you really want the proposal to be a magical one, then I recommend

    Fontana Di Trevi - Rome/Italy


    Over Water Bridge - Florince/Italy


    Murano Island - Venice/Italy

    I travelled the world (almost) and let me tell you that, personally, I have never seen somthing as magical, breath-taking and astonishing as Fontana Di Trevi,

    If you need more info or at least pictures that I took, just let me know!


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