I shouldn't pursue this, should i?

Okay, so I'm 21, I met this girl at a 21st party. And you know how girls dress up etc and can look older than they actually are...this girl I thought would be at least 18...(and I thought she's at a 21st so she'd have to be 18, right? turns out she was the cousin of my friend)

Well met this girl we talked a bit, she flirted a fair bit with me (I think), nothing happened though. She added me on Facebook, and that's when I discovered, well, she's only just turned 15...

Before I ask the question, just to clarify, I'm a christian and I believe in no sex before marriage, so there'd be no way I'd even think of having sex with her...

But nevertheless, even though I kind of like her, I am right in thinking that I should not even go in that direction, right?

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  • IF she is under 18 and your older, Don't do it. If at some point, you p*ss her off, you are so screwed.